Govt reduces Everest climbing fee

The government has reduced Mt Everest climbing permit fee for foreign climbers by more than 50 percent. It has also reduced permit fee for all peaks opened for mountaineering.

Officials say the new move is aimed at increasing the number of mountaineers in the country.

The government had reduced permit fee for Nepali climbers about a year ago. The new climbing fee for foreign climbers came into effect from January 1.

Officials of Department of Tourism (DoT) say reduction in climbing permit fee will relay positive message about Nepal in international arena.

Now onwards, foreign climber will need to pay US$ 11,000 per person for climbing Mt Everest via normal route in the spring season. Earlier, they need to pay $25,000 per person. For other routes, permit fee has been fixed at $10,000 per person. Earlier, climbers were required to pay $15,000 per person.

Similarly, permit fee to climb Mt Everest via normal in autumn season has been revised to $5,500 per person. Earlier, mountaineers were required to pay $12,500 per person.

The permit fee has been revised as per the recommendations of a committee led by Purna Chandra Bhattarai formed to review existing permit fee.

Similarly, permit fee for mountains above 8,000 meters, excluding Mt Everest, has been fixed at $1,800 per person. Likewise, permit for mountains between 7,500 meters to 7,999 has been fixed at $600 per person and permit for mountains between 7,000 meters to 7,499 meters has been fixed at $500.

Altogether 1,792 mountains have been identified in Nepal. Of them, 326 peaks have been opened for mountaineering. Eight of 14 peaks above 8,000 meters, including Mt Everest – the tallest peak on earth – lie in Nepal.

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