GHT in CNN’s ‘top longest trails’ list

Popular media outlet CNN has included Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) in ’10 of the world’s most amazing long-distance trails’ list.

Describing the trail as ambitious, CNN writes in its news report: “Still being put together, when finished, this 4,500 kilometer skyscraping traverse will be the longest and highest mountain trail in the world, crossing the entire Himalaya range from Kashmir to Tibet, via India, Nepal and Bhutan.”

Nepal’s section (of the trail) is the most complete and it alone offers one of the great trekking challenges, the news report adds.

The Nepal Section of GHT is split into Low and High routes that run near parallel, beginning either side of Kanchenjunga Base Camp and ending on the Tibetan border in Humla.

“For high culture, the low route (still averaging 2,000 meters in height) passes through remote Nepali villages dotted along the hills and valleys. Only those with mountaineering experience should attempt the high route — it peaks at a breathless 6,146 meters (20,164 feet),” the report adds.

Other long trails included in the list are: The Appalachian (US), The South West Coast Path (UK) Te Araroa (New Zealand), Continental Divide Trail (US), Sir Samuel and Lady Florence Baker Historical Trail (Sudan-Uganda), Oregon Desert Trail (US) Grand Italian Trail (Italy), Hokkaido Nature Trail (Japan), and Trans Panama Trail (Panama).

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