Mike’s Breakfast: The best of American cuisines

Mike's BreakfastMike’s Breakfast at Baluwatar is a little oasis in the middle of this concrete city. The eatery, which specializes in breakfast as the name suggests, boasts of lush green garden, clam environment and peaceful ambience. Not to be forgotten is the mouthwatering American and Mexican dishes based on home recipes handed out from generation to generations.

The eatery gets its name from late Mike Frame, a US Peace Corp volunteer, who, in the late 80s, decided to form an eatery to serve American breakfast to fellow Americans in Nepal and the expatriates, along with a Nepali partner Dilip Baniya. Dilip is looking after the restaurant at present.

Mike’s Breakfast was established in the year 1988 in Durbarmarg. As the name suggests, it used to serve breakfast in the initial years. As the joint became popular, Mike and Dilip shifted it to a spacious place in Naxal. Mike’s Breakfast operated in Naxal for nearly 15 years. It recently shifted to Baluwatar.

“Though we have shifted to a new location, our setting, menu, chefs and staff members are all the same. We have done landscaping in such a way that our guests will not find much difference between the old location and the new,” said Dilip.

Mike's BreakfastDilip said they decided to shift to a new location mainly due to parking problems following road expansion in Naxal. “Also the place was congested and the building was old which was upping our maintenance cost. We felt it is the right time to shift,” he added.
Foreign tourists, expatriates, people in the tourism industry and Nepalis, who have returned from the US, are the main clients of Mike’s Breakfast, according to Dilip. “Those who have tasted American food visit us as we serve homely food which Americans in the countryside enjoy,” Dilip said, adding, “We also serve Mexican food.”

Mike's BreakfastMike’s Breakfast can seat 150 people at a time. “We are never overcrowded. Though we have the capacity to accommodate 150 people at a time, we can easily set up tables if the number of guests increases as we have plenty of open space,” he added.
‘Mike’s Breakfast’ is the popular dish at the eatery. “Our Apple Pie is equally popular among our guests. Our other dish, Country Breakfast, is also liked by our guests,” Dilip said. “In beverages, our Margarita cocktail is very popular among our guests.”
Mike’s Breakfast has a 30-strong pool of trained staff members. “Some of them have been working for more than one and half decades,” he said, adding: “Along with typical American dishes and setting, our experienced staff members are our major USP.”

Though Nepal’s drinking and dining culture has seen massive changes over the past 25 years, Mike’s Breakfast hasn’t changed a bit. “I will make sure that the legacy of Mike’s Breakfast is continued for years to come,” Dilip told eTravelPress.

He also said Mike’s Brekfast do not have any immediate plans to branch out.  “For the next two years, we will be focusing on Mike’s Breakfast alone. But we do have plans to open a branch in Jamsikhel which is emerging as a popular hangout in the Kathmandu Valley,” he added.

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