NMA Election: Zimba Zangbu formally announces candidacy

etravelpressA panel, with Zimba Zangbu Sherpa as president, formally announced its candidacy for the upcoming election of Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) on Monday.

Zimba, the managing director of Khumbi La Trekking and Mountaineering, is the immediate past president of NMA.

The panel has Bhumilal Lama for the post of 1st vice president, Nimi Sherpa for the post of second vice president and Kul Bahadur Gurung for the post of general secretary, while Chhewang Sherpa and Bimal Kumar Naharki are contesting for the post of secretary and treasurer, respectively.

The panel has received support from NEAT-Nepal — a group of tourism entrepreneur close to Nepali Congress.

Similarly, Dr Hari Shrestha, Ang Chhewang Sherpa, Tulsi Gurung, Pemba Dorjee Sherpa, Durgananda Neupane, Mukund Pokhrel, Da Gelj Sherpa, Lakpa Tenjing Sherpa and Devi Prasad Pant are the candidates of member.

NMA — the alpine club of the country is holding election to elect a new executive committee on August 5. According to the election schedule, candidates will have to file nomination on Tuesday.


My candidacy to save NMA


NMA Presidential Candidate Zimba Zangbu Sherpa

Why did you announce candidacy for the post of president of NMA?

I am an adventure tourism entrepreneur and climber myself. In the past, some tried to withdraw peaks being used by NMA. I couldn’t see right candidacy in NMA. Now, the same group is trying to claim leadership of NMA. My leadership is to save NMA and promote it as a true alpine club.


Your opponent is backed by two parties. What do you say?

I am not a candidate of any political parties. But some parties have supported me as an independent candidate. Other parties have fielded their candidate. But I am not worried. I have support of climbers, mountaineers and mountaineering staff. I have support of everyone who wants to save NMA and develop it as a strong independent body of adventure tourism and mountaineering sector in Nepal.


What will be your programs if elected?

The main objective of NMA is to produce qualified manpower for the adventure tourism industry. Its focus is on producing qualified mountaineers. It should be the main agenda of NMA and my focus will be on it. I will work to enhance training standards and make optimum use of new technology in training. Similarly, I will work to make secretariat strong and streamline its management. I will develop it as a resource center for mountaineering and adventure tourism. Similarly, of the 33 peaks that we have received from the governments, we are issuing permits of only 27 peaks. There are more than 2,000 peaks in Nepal. We will prepare profile of all these peaks. It will have information about climate and routes among others. We will promote these peaks in national and international forums for generating more business more for our members.


The main objective of NMA is to produce qualified manpower for the adventure tourism industry. Its focus is on producing qualified mountaineers. It should be the main agenda of NMA and my focus will be on it.


How will you take relationship with other line agencies forward?

We cannot work smoothly unless we have good relation with stakeholders. Our industry is small and we should work hand in hand to generate good business. We will forge good working relationship with all government and line agencies. For example, NMA recently signed an MoU with Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) to promote peaks. It is a good beginning. We will give continuity to such programs in the future as well.


How strong is your opponent?

I don’t want to comment on any one. I am an independent candidate and I don’t have affiliation with other political parties. Members closed to Nepali Congress and Naya Shakti Nepal are supporting me because they are convinced with my vision and programs to drive forward. I am not like my opponent who is fielded by political parties.


Any concluding remark?

I want to tell all members to elect capable people in the NMA. Efforts were made in the past to withdraw peaks that NMA has been promoting since years. They are also vying the NMA leadership. Identify them in time and give your votes accordingly.

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