Nirola enters his chamber in NTB

Subash Nirola

Subash Nirola, acting CEO of NTB, at the NTB premises on Wednesday morning with his supporters. (Photo Courtesy: Hari Raj Joshi)

Less than a week after tourism secretary Sushil Ghimire and employees of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) agreed to operate daily works of NTB as per the Article 11 (1) A of NTB Employees Regulations, acting CEO Subash Nirola entered his chamber on Wednesday morning with more than 200 supporters in tow.

As per the 11 (1) A, directors of NTB will operate daily activities of NTB on collective basis. The agreement, however, was silent on the fate of Nirola.

“He got off his vehicle near City Hall and entered NTB premises surrounded by women in red saris. He had brought along more than 200 supporters,” an NTB employee told eTravelPress, preferring anonymity. “He then ordered security guards to shut both the gates of NTB.”

“No one can stop me from entering my home,” Nirola said while entering the office, according to the employee.

More than 50 policemen have been deployed in NTB premises.

Joint Tourism Coordination Committee (JTCC) had launched 52-day protest in NTB premises putting forth demands like removal of Nirola from the post of acting CEO to pave the way for early appointment of new CEO and restructuring of NTB among others. It had withdrawn all protest programs after the tourism ministry formed two committees to probe into irregularities in NTB and suggest measures for restructuring of NTB.

According to the employee, around 50 suspicious men are patrolling the NTB premises. He, however, couldn’t confirm if they were brought by Nirola.

“Nirola gave interview to some journalists in his chamber,” the employee said, adding, “He has hasn’t told us anything. He might organize press meet later today.”


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