Nepal in NYT’s ‘52 places to go in 2014’ list

tourists NepalLeading US daily New York Times (NYT) has included Nepal in the list of ‘52 Places to go in 2014’.
“This Himalayan kingdom is the mother lode of alpinism, home to eight of the world’s 10 highest summits (including Everest),” the daily reports.

“So when a Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation subcommittee recommended last September that Nepal allow access to 165 new peaks in the Kanchanjunga massif this year — 13 of them above 23,000 feet — the world’s mountaineering community was aflutter,” the news report states. “Even so, the proposal is significant since it is the first such release in a decade. If the approval process progresses as expected, the territory will open for the spring season.”

Of the 52 destinations, Nepal features in the 45th position.

Earlier, Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal — was voted as travelers’ first choice in Asia for upcoming destinations and third choice globally. The list prepared by popular tourism portal TripAdvisor was based on reviews and votes of travelers.

The “destinations on rise” category rates the places that have seen the biggest increase in positive reviews from travelers on the site over the past year. “Kathmandu is mystical and magical place, a trove of ancient structures that are enveloped in folklore,” TripAdvisor had described the city.

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