Jobless Everest summiteer forced to sell vegetables

Ram Lal

Ram Lal on Everest summit. (Photo: Asian Trekking)

An Indian Everest summiteer is forced to sell fruits and vegetables as a roadside vendor to fend for his family and take care of his bedridden father, according to a Times of India report.

Ram Lal, 24, reached the summit of Mt Everest in May 2013. Though he was promised IRs 500,000 by Haryana state government for his achievement, he is yet to receive the cash award. The state government, however, provided IRs 2.1 million to another Everest summiteer Mamta Sodha. Sodha has also been appointed as deputy superintendent of police for her achievement, according to the report.

Ram Lal is a graduate in sports science. He holds a diploma in physical education.

“I received financial support from local NGOs and a few individuals like Devinder Babli. Apart from that, I had availed of a loan to manage my household expenses and for my father’s treatment. I am not selling vegetables on this cart to embarrass anyone, but to feed my family and repay the loan,” Ram told Times of India. “I am not asking for anything extra. I just want to be treated like other mountaineers who had successfully climbed Mt Everest earlier.”

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