Govt banning solo climbing

MountaineeringThe government is putting in place a legal provision that makes it mandatory for mountaineers to climb any 7,000 meters in Nepal before attempting Mt Everest or other 8,000-meter peaks.

The new provision is being introduced by amending the Mountaineering Expedition Regulation under the Tourism Act. The draft of amendment prepared by the Department of Tourism also states that the government will prevent solo climbers as well as mountaineers above 75 years, double amputees and visually impaired from climbing peaks.
Existing regulation bars individuals below 16 years of age from involving in mountaineering activities.

Similarly, the new amendment also envisages giving climbing certificates to Sherpas who accompany mountaineers to the summit of Mt Everest. The government is also mulling over banning chopper ride above base camp.

Officials of the Department of Tourism (DoT) say that the new legal arrangement was being made to make mountaineering in Nepal safe.

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