Goma Air to acquire two new aircraft

Goma AirGoma Air, which has been operating cargo flights to mid and far-western districts, is acquiring two 19-seater aircraft to expand its business.

One of the aircraft has already arrived, while the second one is expected to join fleet after six months. Goma Air has acquired Let L410 UVP-E20 turboprop aircraft made in Czech Republic.

Issuing a statement, the airline said the 19-seater aircraft is a commuter type multi-engine turbo propeller aircraft. “This is the first time in four decades that a brand new aircraft is being brought in by a Nepali company to be operated in Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) airfields,” the statement added.

The aircraft will begin scheduled flights from mid-February, according to the airlines.

“One aircraft will fly to destinations in eastern region from its base in Kathmandu, while the second aircraft, which will be based in Pokhara, will fly to different destinations in the western region,” Manoj Karki, managing director of Goma Air, said.

This aircraft has received type certification from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). At present, more than 350 L410 UVP-E20 aircraft are flying in more than 50 countries around the world.

Goma Air is currently operating cargo flights in mid and far western region with two Cessna caravan aircraft.

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