FlyDubai pilots avert accident in Nepal

FlyDubaiAlerted pilots of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft of FlyDubai averted an accident at around 10:45 pm on October 21 when it hit a dog on the runway as it was speeding to take off from the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.
The aircraft was carrying 171 passengers.

The pilots, who initially didn’t know what the plane hit, had to apply emergency brakes to stop the speeding aircraft, Nagarik daily reported on Friday. The pilots managed to stop the aircraft about 200 meters ahead of the runway ending point.
According to the daily, the aircraft missed two foxes that were chasing the dogs by a whisker.
After the accident, the aircraft was halted in the airport for about one and half hours. The aircraft left for Dubai only after airline and the airport staffer removed carcass of the dog stuck on the aircraft’s wheel and checked other technical aspects of the aircraft.
The airport authorities have yet to react on the issue even though officials of FlyDubai drew their attention to take necessary measures so that such incident is not repeated in the future.

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