Counting of Bengal Florican begins

Bengal Florican

Bengal Florican (File Photo)

Census of Bengal Floricans, one of the world’s rare bird species, at Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve in Kanchanpur has begun.

The counting will continue till May 8.

This is the second time that counting of Bengal Florcians, locally known as Khar Majur, is being conducted. The first counting was held in the reserve last year.

Apart from Suklaphanta, the rare bird species is also available in Chitwan National Park and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The bird had also been spotted in Bardiya National Park in the past. However, it has not been sighted in the national park for the past four years.

Besides Nepal, the Bengal Floricans are also found in India and Cambodia.

There are around 1,000 Bengal Floricans in the world, including around 100 in Nepal.

Meanwhile, the number of swamp deer in the reserve has gone up. The number of swamp deer has increased to 2,301, up by 131 compared to the previous year.

The data was unveiled on the occasion of ‘19th Wildlife Week’ held at the reserve premises recently. Yuva Raj Regmi, chief of the reserve, said they had counted 1,390 females, 777 males and 134 young deer.

Reserve officials said the number of swamp deer was increasing due to control of poaching, better management of pastureland and proper water management in the area, among other factors.

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