218 foreigners affected in Nepal earthquake

Altogether 218 foreigners of 33 countries were affected in the massive earthquake that hit the country on April 25.
According to statistics complied by Tourism Information Coordination Center, 57 have died, 52 are injured and 109 are missing.
Of the deceased, 40 are from India, four from the US, three each from France and China, two from Italy and one each from Australia, Estonia, Germany, Japan and Spain.
Similarly, of the injured foreigners, 10 are from India, nine from China, six from France, five from Italy, four each from Australia and Germany, two each from the Netherlands and the US,  and one each from Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.
Likewise, of the missing foreigners, 15 are from France, 12 from Russia, 10 from Canada, nine from US, eight from Spain, seven from Germany, three each from China, Czech Republic, Indonesia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, two each from Israel, Malaysia and the Philippines, and one each from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Lebanon, New Zealand and Poland. Similarly, the nationality of eight missing tourists has not been ascertained yet.

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